Saturday, February 19, 2011

no title.

There has been radio silence here on the blog lately, but things at Savage Aesthetic World Headquarters have been as hectic as ever.  For instance:
  • Dismantled, a discography of Clevo hardcore that I've compiled and managed over the years has been updated to include the latest batch of records from the scene as well as new images of some earlier variations that I've picked up recently.
  • Terminal Boredom has a new issue up, or mostly up, with some random contributions from me.
  • We have also been rewatching Freaks and Geeks which, while not productive, has been awesome and has cut into time that may have otherwise been spent writing.
  • Mostly I've been digging through records trying to pare down the collection again, a time consuming and fun ritual in which I dedicate weeks every year to seeing what can be lived without and inevitably rediscover some gems in the process.  Some future blog fodder has been found and noted.
I should be back up and running on this here site with some regularity in short order.  In the meantime, dig what the mailman delivered this week.  The Quotas single was purchased sleeveless for 14€ plus post back to the US and paired up with a sleeve within a few hours.  Vertical Slit  — not as cheap but happy to have.  Still need to track down a copy of Slit & Pre-Slit but for now the bootleg will serve as a place keeper.  I should note that it really is a shame that the Forever Lowman blog kicked the bucket as Al Gore invented the internet for content like that.  Regardless, be sure to dig around on FL and Minimum Tillage Farming for plenty of Jim Shepard.