Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frat Cars.

I am an obsessive list maker and keep, at all times, a legal pad full of too-small-to-read items that I need to get done. Some are short-term and only last a few hours but others hang around for years as I hope to find the time, motivation or resources to tackle. Or to motivate others to tackle.

After reviewing the massive archive of Big Boys fliers being held at a compound in Texas, my pal Ryan and I decided that in terms of historical and artistic value, not to mention sheer volume, the collection should not be limited to those invited to view the private holdings of the Break My Face Institute of the Arts. We hatched a plan to spread the word, dividing the labor so that I got the shitwork tasks of scanning fliers, deciphering dates and venues, and organizing chronologically. All Ryan had to do was register a domain and get them up, an easy feat considering his vast, vast experience at such endeavors. I finished my part in the spring of 2006, one of my last important tasks to do in Austin before splitting town and moving back to New York. Every six months or so I'd drop a line to my accomplice to see how the other side was progressing just to let him know that I hadn't forgotten. I got a phone call the other day to let me know he hadn't either, and that in a fit of inspiration he'd been up all night pounding out lines of code. So that's the story. I urge you to spend a couple of hours with as it is a truly amazing collection that spans the life of the band and provides a glimpse into their scene and how it evolved.  Some brilliant artists are featured, including band members Tim Kerr and Biscuit, but also Dixon Edge, Control Rat X, David Yow and more. I'm glad to have finally crossed the longest outstanding item off of my to-do list.

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